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Choosing Flash Game Genres For Viral Games

Viral Flash games are capable of driving massive amounts of traffic, and enhancing brand awareness or collecting opt-in details. While the style of play will inevitably depend on the brand or product to be promoted, there are certainly some genres that are better suited than others.

Puzzle games, puns, driving games … in fact, most genres can be made to function well as a viral game, but the most essential element is that of competition. High scores that can be posted on Facebook or twitter updates encourage other people to play the game and try to beat their friend scores #39;s or achievements.

Another option, rather than using scores like crochet, is to use creativity. By allowing the player to create something that can be shown to their friends, it #39 possible to create the same kind of attraction to get their friends to play. From dressing celebrities, to building snowmen, or painting cars, the idea is always the same – give the player the creative freedom to draw/build/create something they can show their friends and encourage them to create their own.

A third method to hook players and encourage the viral spread of a game is to include some customization. By allowing a player to add the names of his #39 friend (or even profile pictures) to a game, it is #39 possible to massively increase the temptation for his friends to join a game. Most people will be intrigued if they receive an email or message on social media, personalized for them, inviting them to take part in a game that their friends have recommended.

So, as you can see, the real genre of a game is probably less important than making sure it includes elements that encourage sharing and competition. While viral games must be kept simple, and appeal to as wide an audience as possible (within the target population), rather than focusing on gender, a better approach is to ensure that whatever gender is used , the game encourages viral spread.

Source by Billy Deakin