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Value of Traditional Games in the Face of Computers

Today, many parents are plagued by their children’s addiction to video games. It just seems like there’s no way to get their child off the computer or console anymore. Parents need to play a more proactive role that should also be preventative. It is important not to make video games the villain, as they are fun and useful ways to spend time that have actually shown to improve a child’s problem-solving abilities. The key point should be moderation, not abstinence. It is also of paramount importance that there are other sources of entertainment so that children do not lose out on valuable play time.

Here are some important reasons why traditional games are useful in combating video game addiction.

1. Traditional games are a good exercise

These games usually involve running or jumping or some kind of physical activity, since traditional games were made before the age of sedentary entertainment. Exercise benefits your child in many ways and keeps your child active and healthy. It also improves athletic ability and endurance. Exercise has also long been associated with the development of cognitive function, which means your child will be smarter.

2. Traditional games help keep culture alive

In many ways, traditional games are culturally influenced and vary from place to place. It can be about singing traditional songs, or some practices that have very deep cultural roots. Children should grow up and be able to associate their childhood with the place and to whom they grew up. It is important that there be some kind of cultural totem in their childhood so that they have a sense of pride in their homeland.

3. These games provide social contact.

Traditional games are often played in groups. Children grow up playing these games with their neighbors, friends and family and these games create bonds and social understanding that is essential for success in life. Computer games don’t involve as many social contacts, so it’s best to have a certain social component in your child’s playtime time.

4. These games can be played anywhere.

Traditional games are easy to play and can be played almost anywhere. In most cases, they don’t need toys or items and even if they are needed, they are inexpensive compared to consoles and games. The only thing needed for these games is to play with people and a space in which to play them

As you can see from the facts mentioned above, there is a definite advantage to have in introducing your child to traditional games. These games are timeless and almost always fun because they rely on the imagination and energy that is present in almost all children.

Source by Dhivya Rateesh Nair